Bathrooms Wirral

We are bathroom specialists based in Bromborough on the Wirral. We provide a wide range of bathroom services throughout the Wirral and beyond. In addition to fitting bathrooms to the highest standard we can also help you plan, design and buy your bathroom. We can help you make the most of the space you have available and that you are utilising all the latest bathroom innovations. If you’re considering a new bathroom on the Wirral please view the rest of this site for details of our services.

Posted 62 weeks ago
We are bathroom specialists offering the complete bathroom service throughout Bromborough and the rest of the Wirral. As quality bathroom fitters we can also help you plan, design, buy and fit your bathroom. Nothing is left to chance and we can undertake all your bathroom work for you. The result will be a beautiful bathroom with nothing for you to do. If you need bathroom specialists on the Wirral then please view our website for details -

Posted - Jan 2020

Kitchen Fitters Wirral

We are professional kitchen fitters on the Wirral. With over 20 years experience of fitting bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens throughout the area we have built a reputation for quality and reliability. If you have recently bought a kitchen, or are planning on doing so, we are happy to fit kitchens from the large superstores or from the smaller independent kitchen retailers. If you need kitchen fitters on the Wirral please view the rest of this site and go to our kitchen fitters section.

Posted 107 weeks ago